What’s Metadoge

MetaDoge is a Blockchain-based game project that takes inspiration from Space Doge. This game is intended to be an expandable ecosystem with attractive game modes. All modes in MetaDoge ecosystem share the same NFT Doges, making the utility to be limitless in the future.
Some completed game modes:
🎮 MetaDoge Endless Runner - Free to Play & Earn: Attractive gameplay, accessible to newcomers, is the premise to move non-crypto players to crypto through the reward system.
🎮 MetaDoge Runner Tracker: It aims a healthy & balanced experience that is both entertaining and healthy for players
🎮 MetaDoge Virtual Racing: PVP race for the SpaceDoges, full of competition between players.
… and many more game modes in the future
The fundamental gameplay is meticulously designed and interesting, with a focus on the user experience, resulting in a robust and sustainable ecology. Players will be rewarded for their time, effort, and entertaining gaming experience.
Metadoge is well-known for its gaming experience innovation, on-chain technology, and well-balanced economic equilibrium. Many people credit its success to the gameplay, team transparency, and community participation during the creation process.
The next generation of NFT gaming blockchain.