Metadoge’s mission is to build a digital platform of tokenized dogs that appeals to the average consumer as they can participate and make a profit while actively using Blockchain technology, also at the same time having entertaining gaming experience.
This is why Metadoge has found a way to combine the blockchain-based gaming world and NFT in a next-generation concept and created a digital universe of unique digital dogs with challenging races and different game modes to complete.
Play-to-earn is comparable to the notion of proof-of-work. The labor here is derived by playing games and participating in the game ecosystem. We believe values are added for not only players but also the product itself. As a result, the players deserve to be compensated for their efforts.
In order to do so, gameplay must be really attractive and entertaining and the awards must be worth enough to keep players participating in the game every day for many years. Also, the game must be a bridge to connect players together, so they can act and interact like a miniature society in the game. These are what Metadoge can ensure to bring to our customers/players.