Virtual Racing PVP

A PVP game between players. Here, the Space Doges will race together in fierce races throughout the universe. The winners will receive rewards from the Game Treasury and other resources. Elite players will have the opportunity to receive Tickets to participate in the prestigious Championship Tournament with extremely valuable rewards. Designed for for the users who have less time to play game, focusing on competition and wager in PVP.
Players build their doges and compete with 9 other players in PVP virtual racing mode. Each race has randomized elemental variables, which include length, wind, speed, and more.
The results of the virtual racing will be determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) based on the player's doge stats, giving you a fair opportunity to be among the top. Strategic upgrades and items can be utilized to have a higher chance of winning. How to participate in PVP virtual racing? Your race will be sorted randomly based on your rank, ensuring fairness for all players. To participate in this mode, the player must use a ticket, which can be purchased in the shop or collected in other game functions. There are 2 types of tickets to participate in PVP. The benefits will vary depending on the ticket type.
To begin racing in PVP Virtual Racing mode, simply click the "Find match" button, use the ticket, and you will be in the match-making lobby.


The Ranking system sorts players' ranks based on the ranking points they get in races. The goal is to create groups of players with the same stats in order to get races with high quality and fairness. The ranking system consists of 5 ranks, and players need to achieve a certain amount of ranking points to advance to the next one. Each grade will be divided into many smaller tiers, helping players keep track of their progress more efficiently. It also provides a better classification for match-matching.
How to Rank up:
Players will participate in PVP Virtual Racing and obtain a high rank in the races to get more ranking points. They will advance their ranks when reaching a specific amount of ranking points. ‌
Rewards For Winning:
‣Experience points (EXP) ‣Tokens ‣Items