MetaDoge Whitepaper

Community calling and staking

  • Excitement Point system: Only applicable for Tournament. Each Doge when participating in the Tournament has an additional stat called Excitement Point, with 5 levels as follows: - Normal – Happy – Optimistic – Confident – Excited
  • All participating Doges are at Normal level at the beginning. Excitement point gives a buff on Space Doge’s stats when participating in the Tournament, in turn according to the statuses: 0% – 2% – 5% – 8% – 10%.
  • Ways to increase excitement points: The more people stake for a certain Space Doge, the more excitement points that Space Doge will receive. The owners of Space Doge participating in the Tournament could encourage their friends and acquaintances to stake for their Space Doge.
  • How state of Excitement is reached: Based on the amount of $MTDU staked for Space Doge. When a milestone is reached, the state of excitement corresponding to the number of Excitement Point is triggered. Excitement point will last until the end of the Tournament.
  • In addition to watching and cheering for the Space Doge, players can research and choose the Space Doge that has the ability to win. If you believe in your prediction, you can stake an amount of MTDU to cheer for that Space Doge, helping the Space Doge to increase Excitement and increase your chance to win.
  • When the players’ prediction is correct, they will receive a larger reward than it deserves, and of course in vice versa, if the players’ prediction is wrong, their stake will be used as a reward for the winners.