Runner Tracker

This mode is designed for a healthy & balanced experience. MetaDoge runner tracker is a move-to-earn app that helps players both increase their health and can receive resources to upgrade their Space Doge. Players can run alone, or with their real-life dog to exercise and prepare for the fierce races of MetaDoge Virtual Racing. Giving the chance to upgrade the NFT Doge for anyone who doesn't want to invest too much (or unable to afford it), this is a move-and-earn app.
What is Runner Tracker?
Runner Tracker is is a separate application belonging to the MetaDoge ecosystem. It applies the mechanism of a Health app on smartphone: measuring the steps and distance traveled of users.
How does it work
After logging in with the account the users sign up for the Endless Runner Mode, they can take part in the physical activities. When a task is completed, the users will be rewarded and the reward can be direct contribution to the doge they are using.
‣ Temporary bonus to stats
‣ Bone snack
‣ Booster (Doge Toy)