The Metadoge rental system is a system developed for players who can't afford to spend money in the game but still want to participate and make money through their efforts, and it's particularly designed for Guilds. For Metadoge, there are two forms of rental: Profit Share and Direct Rental.
Profit Share
This model has been streamlined and automated to lessen the owner's workload. Even if they don't know who the renters are, owners might choose to rent out these Doges for passive revenue. Once the Scholar has accepted the agreement from the marketplace, the manager is able to "take back" the Doge at any time. This model incentivizes hard-working scholars.
Direct Rental
This system is specifically designed for Guilds. Metadoge has a mechanism created exclusively for the Guild to handle its scholars automatically.
A dashboard for guild management that makes in-game tasks easier and more efficient. For Guild leaders and members' wallets, essential information, statistics, and activities such as rankings, delegation, sorting, and more are all contained in one interface for user convenience.
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