Gacha rewards are essential for players to make progress in the game.

Daily Quest:

Daily quests are activities that players can do to get rewards. Each daily quest will have a different requirement and reward. The number of daily quests will be refreshed after 24 hours at 08:00 UTC, with a certain amount depending on the quantity of doge you own at the time of reset. If you purchase more doges on that day, you must wait until the next day's reset. Rewards : Each completed daily quest turns one tile blue at the horizontal rewards road. You get rewards when you complete enough daily quests.
  • Doge Food, Doge Toy, PVP ticket.
  • Lucky Wheel Ticket: it is achieved by completing Daily Quests. It’s a freeroll, so best of luck!

Lucky Wheel:

Lucky Wheel is based on the gacha monetization mechanism. To utilize this function, you must have a ticket, which may be gained through daily quests or purchased from the marketplace. The maximum number of turns you may make in a single day is 20.
  • Doge Food, Doge Toy, PVP ticket.
  • Huge amount of TDU tokens at the 10,000th spin.
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