Endless Runner

In this mode, the player goes on an endless space race, where they show off their skills to control the Space Doge to overcome obstacles, collect coins and level up his Space Doge. Players on the leader board can be rewarded with tokens based on their rankings. It’s entertaining casual game mode, in which the players can make a showcase of their skills. The better your performance, the more you earn.
Endless Runner is a subgenre of racing game in which the player has to run for an infinite amount of time while dodging obstacles. The player's objective is to reach a high score by surviving for as long as possible. Players run, jump, dodge and dash their way through space, collect as many coins on the road as possible to have more rewards and experience. Endless Runner mode can provide exciting experiences for players. The outcome is determined by the player's ability and experience. If the player has good skill, the reward will be greater. Players will have to spend 10 stamina when participating in Endless Runner. This is the feature that prioritizes the user's experience; the “play” element is crucial. Rewards For Winning : ‣Experience points (EXP) ‣Tokens ‣Items