Match of the day

There will be a big match called Match of the day every 6 hours. Space Doge participants will be randomly selected from all Space Doges in the system and not on sale.
Players can see detailed attributes of Space Doges, maps and racecourses on the lobby screen. Similar to Daily Arena mode, players will show their analytical talent and choose the Space Doge to stake their MTDU in.
The difference between Match of the Day and Daily Arena is that the maximum stake in Match of the day is extremely large.
Like Daily Arena, there are still 2 different pools for people who own and don’t own the NFTs. The different is that their maximum stakes are much higher than their counterparts in Daily Arena.
The lucky Space Doges chosen by the Match of the day system will receive a commission from the total reward pool of the match.
In addition, the owner of the Space Doges which wins first place will receive an additional gift of Glory Point (an extremely rare point for a system that will be revealed in the near future).