Daily Arena

Every day the system will generate random races. From the lobby screen, people can see the attributes of each Space Doge participant. Players can research the stats of each Space Doge in advance and make predictions about which Space Doge will lead the race.
When believing that their predictions are true, players can stake a certain amount of MTDU into the Pool and wait for the race result.
  • If the player’s prediction is correct, the player will receive the reward he deserves.
  • If the prediction is wrong, that stake will be used as a reward for the ones who make the right choice.
There are 2 rewards pools to join in:
  • Regular Pool: for all players with or without the NFT Space Doges, the maximum stake will be very low for players who use this feature.
  • NFT Pool: for all players who own the NFT Space Doges. The maximum stake is much higher to that of the Regular Pool.