Game Concept

Free to Play, Play for Fun and Play to Earn
Metadoge combines user experience with traditional game genres-endless runner game, virtual racing game, and move to earn function.
  • Skill-based game: The Endless Runner mode combines traditional game characteristics like visuals and gameplay mechanism with non-custodial smart-contract-powered features such as NFT, Defi, and Blockchain. In order for the game to be competitive and allow the dedicated gamers to earn from playing it, the game will have to be primarily skill-based. We prioritize skill over pay-to-win.
  • Free time to play: The Metadoge Virtual Racing game is a doge racing simulator. The results of the virtual racing will be determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) based on the player's doge stats points giving you a fair opportunity to place at the top. This is a game mode for those who don't have a lot of spare time but are still interested in the universe of games.
  • Sustainable Play-to-Earn: Generating revenue when investing in the game is a primary concern, but more importantly, Metadoge's goals include creating a balanced mechanism that makes the in-game economy sustainable and long-lasting.
  • Must be fun: Want to play Funny Games?. Metadoge is the best starting point. We want to transform the perception of Play-to-Earn games from games to professions by merging fun-driven features.