Utility Token

The Doge Universe ($TDU) is the Metadoge ecosystem's principal "earning" and "spending" token. Our objective is to have a fairly balanced mint-to-burn ratio while avoiding inflation and ecological imbalance. General $TDU Statistics:
Token Name
The Doge Universe
Token Symbol
Total Supply
Blockchain network
Binance Smart Chain
Contract address
Utilities: The Doge Universe ($TDU) is the main currency used in Metadoge's operations. $TDU is used in the following activities:
  • Open Metadoge Box: User needs to spend $TDU opening the Metadogge box.
  • Marketplace: $TDU will be used for buying and selling NFT doge, item, and doge house…
  • PvP: Tickets to participate in PvP will be purchased with $TDU
  • Upgrade life cycle: Bone Snack utilized for upgrading will be sold for $TDU.
  • Virtual Racing: The amount of $TDU bonus in each race depends on the class and hero rarity.
  • Endless Runner: The amount of $TDU bonus in each race depends on the player's skill.
  • PvP Virtual Racing : players are able to earn $TDU by racing against other players inside the game. You must be in the top 3 to earn $TDU.
  • Marketplace: $TDU is used in all marketplace purchases.