Design: By leveraging on-chain data for all the transactions and off-chain database for all in-game logic, we are able to achieve the best performance for user experience and still maintain all the securities of blockchain technology: transparency, decentralized, immutable. In addition, at high level design of our game, we are using several technique to reinforce event more the securities:
  • Software design of the game is secure by design, all the functions are battle tested.
  • We are using multi wallets for management so even in the worst case, something bad could happen (of course we ensure that will never happen), the losses would be minimal and would be easily recovered.
  • All the features/functions/objects in the game are well permissioned
Technical stack We are using well known and battle tested technologies:
  • Unity for game frontend
  • Specialized version of MongoDB for off-chain database
  • Moralis Cloud for backend infrastructure
  • Moralis Speedy Node
So we can profit of all Moralis expertise:
  • Incredible performance for RPC
  • All data are backed up
  • All the server are clustered
  • All the server software are hardened
  • All the infrastructure is monitored and maintained by Moralis team