DAO Treasury

In order to sustainably develop the Metadoge economy, the revenue will be redistributed as incentives. All users must participate in the development of the game to get rewards. The revenue and expense of the Treasury will be determined by all the users through the Decentralized Organization System.
DAO Treasury will be initiated by the Staking Issuance fund, Gaming Issuance fund and complemented continuously by a portion of the revenue stream. To create a self-sustaining, closed-loop economy, the treasury would be re-distributed as incentives for active contributors participating within the ecosystem. To be rewarded, all users must contribute to the game's development. DAO Treasury will be used to encourage token holders to stake their tokens to receive various benefits from the game besides the rights to govern the game.
Treasury Inflows
The Treasury receives inflows from:
  • 10% of all Doge NFT marketplace transactions.
  • Selling Doges, Metadoge Box, Doge house, and in-game consumables. Additionally, there will be fees when players want to level up and upgrade their Doge, play in PvP…