Welcome to Metadoge

To our customers/investors/gamers
Many NFT games of high quality have been launched throughout the years, receiving great comments and praise from the NFT community. From our previous experience and the encouragement of our dearest players, we are ready to bring you more challenging and unique experiences. Our goal is to bring more values to you via the most thoroughly and carefully designed game. With the use of NFT and blockchain technology, we can encode characters and in-game characteristics into NFTs and create a market for them, allowing such goods to be valued and thereby generating profits for our consumers. To make the above vision come true, it is required to build an effective NFT gaming ecosystem. Such an ecosystem consists of three important factors: a game that offers a high-quality experience, a well-designed economic structure, and a vibrant community. For more information, you can find it in our whitepaper and discover more about the mechanism of the game.
Metadoge Team!